What To Do When Your Singapore PR Application Gets Rejected?

You put your best foot forward on submitting your Singapore PR application, and now you’ve received the results, and it’s been rejected! So, what should you do now?

We know how demoralising and disappointing getting rejected can feel. And how the lack of disclosure in your rejection letter can make it hard to understand what you can do differently for your future applications furthering your confusion and frustration.

So, today we are sharing some effective actions you can take when facing Singapore PR application rejection. And if you have any further questions or concerns, please know that our experts are just a click away to offer clarity and resolve them!

Immediate Actions To Consider When Facing Singapore PR Rejection

1. Submit An Appeal

Valid till only 6 months from the date mentioned on the rejection letter, you can submit an appeal to state your case and why the ICA should reevaluate their decision. Plus, with the whole submission process moving online, it has become much more straightforward to draft an appeal letter and send the relevant documents.

We’ve come across many such PR hopefuls who have naturally jumped on this opportunity straight away and have appealed to no avail.

Hence, it’s important to consider the factors that make appealing worthwhile and beneficial for you such as having significant changes in your circumstances since the original application. Or adding significant accomplishments, or information that you might have failed to include in your original application.

Our experienced and insightful immigration experts can help you determine whether you have strong enough reasons to appeal and can even help you draft an appeal letter.

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2. Wait & Submit A Fresh Application

The good news about the Singapore PR is that there is no limit to the number of times that you can apply. As such you can submit a fresh PR application after waiting 6 months upon the date stated on your rejection letter.
It is crucial to note that although you are allowed to apply as many times as you want, you should avoid leaving behind a string of unsuccessful applications that can have an adverse effect on your overall PR achieving eligibility.

3. Engage An Experienced & Professional Immigration Firm

If you’ve been submitting your PR application yourself without any assistance and have faced rejection in the past, it’s time to reevaluate your approach and get professional help from experienced experts to secure your long-term future in Singapore.

Besides offering valuable insights garnered throughout the years, our team of dedicated experts also help look through your rejected application, uncover the areas that need improvements, and create a positive profile to strengthen your new PR application and increase your chances of approval.


Evaluate & Strategise

Once your PR is rejected, figuring out what next step to take plays a vital role in determining your approach. As every profile is unique, you can’t just blindly follow and approach your rejection or reapplication in the same manner as your friends or colleagues did. Hence, seeking professional advice can help you better understand your choices best suited to your profile to finally make an informed decision.

With years of experience, our highly supportive immigration experts help you plan your next move and create a desirable application to increase your chances of approval and reduce the chance of facing any Singapore PR application rejection.

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