What Is The Importance Of Recommendation Letters In Your Singapore PR Application?

Why should I include a recommendation letter in my Singapore PR application if it’s not a compulsory document? — is a question that many of our clients have asked us over the years. And we’re sure that if you’re thinking of applying for the Singapore PR and have been researching the process, you must be wondering about the importance of additional documents too. 

Well, you’re not alone. In fact, many applicants who apply for the Singapore PR themselves or get poor advice from non-qualified individuals like their family members or friends fail to recognise the impact of a well-written recommendation letter and see their Singapore PR application get rejected. Plus, sometimes those who do include it, tend to submit poorly written and structured letters that fall short of amplifying the applicant’s qualities. 

So, in today’s article we’ll be sharing the significance of recommendation letters, the most common mistakes you should avoid as well as some beneficial tips and suggestions. And, if you have any more questions, our friendly immigration experts are just a click away.

What Is A Recommendation Letter?

A recommendation letter helps elaborate on your admirable qualities and how they can help make you a positive addition to the country. Written by a local resident, it also shows your relationship and bonding with fellow Singaporeans who are eager to vouch for your character and offer support. A good recommendation letter helps demonstrate your personality, characteristics, positive attributes, work ethic, and social integration efforts.

Apart from a recommendation letter, supporting documents like a cover letter also help make an immense difference whose benefits we’ve shared in the past article which you can read about here.

How Many Recommendation Letters Should I Include?

It’s all about quality over quantity. More doesn’t always mean better and in the case of recommendation letters, the ideal number is anywhere between 3-4 that comprises all the relevant information and helps you put your best foot forward.

Who Do I Ask For A Recommendation Letter?

When it comes to asking for a recommendation letter, it is crucial to select your endorsers. The applicant must also be aware that the objective behind asking for a recommendation letter is to demonstrate how well you currently are and will eventually fit into the social fabric and add value to Singapore. 

It is advantageous to include letters from different walks of life and various ethnicities of Singaporeans such as your past employers, current employer, colleagues, clients, business partners, past teachers, friends and relatives. Additionally, the selection also depends on your chosen PR scheme.

If you’re confused about which PR scheme is best suited for you, our experienced immigrations are here to help.

What Content Should A Recommendation Letter Include?

A good rule of thumb is to focus on substance as the purpose of a good recommendation is to convey your remarkable traits, positive behaviour, interest in embracing the Singaporean culture, and overall putting you in a good light. As such the content of the letter will vary based on its source.

  • Requesting a recommendation letter from your current or past employer; suited for when you are applying under the PTS scheme, the letter should detail your qualities as an employee, how well you perform your day-to-day duties, how you interact with peers and superiors and your contributions in the progress of the company. 
  • Requesting a recommendation letter from a business partner or client; highlight the relationship between yourself and the partner or client along with their reasoning for supporting you. 
  • Requesting a recommendation letter from friends or relatives; aside from work, as personal life is also vital, the letter should touch upon your efforts to embrace the Singaporean way of life, interest in mingling with the locals, participation in community causes by volunteering, exhibiting your character and why they believe you deserve to be a part of Singapore.


If you want to submit the strongest Singapore PR application and showcase all your aspects supporting documents like a recommendation letter help you effectively do that. But is writing another average letter enough? 

The letter must not only be professionally written without any grammatical errors or mistakes but it should also include all the relevant information and must also resonate with the applicant, the endorser, and the ICA officer. 

As an experienced and trusted professional immigration consultancy firm, we do not follow the “one size fits all” approach by using standardised templates. Instead, all of our recommendation letters are personalised to each applicant and are written by well-trained copywriters that also help conduct extensive research and draft key points and crucial information about the applicant. 

Let us help you fulfil your ultimate goal of becoming a Singapore PR and make the best first impression by submitting a PR application that’s a cut above the rest.

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