How To Choose The Best Singapore Immigration Consultants?

When applying for the Singapore PR, every step matters but none more so than selecting trustworthy and dependable immigration consultants.  

Recently, one well-known agency was reprimanded by The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and was instructed to immediately stop misleading people on the claims of its success rate, giving guarantees, and more after receiving more than 50 complaints against the company.

Unfortunately, this is not the only company to employ such sales tactics and unsubstantiated gimmicks in the industry. We’re aware that due to these claims, it can be quite confusing and challenging to determine how to choose the right consultants for you? 

So, today we’ll be highlighting 3 red flags that you should look out for. And if you have any more queries, easily get in touch with one of our immigration experts here.

Top 3 Red Flags You Should Be Aware Of When Selecting Immigration Consultants

1. Overselling by touting X% success rate & giving guarantees 

Hyping up success rate is one of the widely used marketing ploys that some agencies tend to use when in reality, proving so is quite hard. And since no one other than the ICA officers have the authority to approve an application, giving guarantees that your application would be approved is nothing more than a false and empty promise. In general, these were the misleadings that the consumers reported to CASE against the company. Hence, if you come across any such exaggerated claims, it’d be best to refrain from using that agency’s services.  

2. Pressuring you into a sale by hook or crook 

Along with overselling, the said firm was also held accountable by the consumer watchdog for putting undue pressure repeatedly on the consumers to sign up for packages on the spot and being increasingly aggressive despite many rejecting the offer in the first place or requesting more time to consider. Not only that, but the reprimanded firm’s consultants are also infamous for taking no interest in following up or making themselves available to address any queries presented by the customers, making themselves hard to reach over the phone and only communicating via emails. As such, it is essential that you don’t find yourself in a similar situation, wherein rather than feeling understood and respected, you are feeling overwhelmed and preyed upon with a constant barrage of offers, and when once you engage an agency, you feel ignored and abandoned. 

3. Making references about current or past employees being employed by ICA

One of the other misleading claims that some agencies make is having a special connection or association with ICA officials; be it current or past employees. This is a severe misrepresentation of facts and can be deemed as misinformation.


Here at Singapore Immigration Experts, we hold ourselves to high standards, work within the moral business and legal guidelines, offer complete transparency, and follow a strict code of ethical guidelines of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. 

Plus, our dedicated and friendly immigration experts & specialists hand-held you throughout the entire process and work with your best interest in mind. Right from the beginning of the application process to the very end of your PR application journey, their support remains constant and if you encounter any issues, they are just a phone call away, ready to jump in and help you in any and every way possible to make the whole experience smooth and hassle-free.

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