How Hard Is It To Get A Singapore Citizenship?

So, after being a Singapore PR for at least two years, you might now want to take your relationship with this sunny island to the next level and make it even more concrete and official by securing your Singapore citizenship. Well, you are not alone. In fact, many Singapore PRs who eventually want to make Singapore their permanent home rather than a momentarily long-term one end up at this stage. And, why wouldn’t they? Even though being a Singapore PR comes with many perks, becoming a Singapore citizen comes with exclusive rights, advantages, and benefits that are essential to shaping the future you want. 

So, today our immigration experts will be shedding some light on what it takes to finally become a Singapore citizen, exactly how hard is it to get Singapore citizenship, and more.

How Many Citizenships Does The Singapore Government Grant?

The above chart taken from the “Population in Brief 2021” report shows that on average the government grants 20,000 Singapore citizenships in any given year. But, what’s noteworthy is that last year the number of citizenships dropped significantly for the first time in five years, and in comparison to 2020, it fell from 22,714 to 21,085 which computes to 1,629 lesser citizenships granted.

Why Is This An Ideal Time To Apply For Singapore Citizenship?

The fall in the rate of citizenship granted isn’t the only thing that the report highlighted. As per the above chart, it also showed that the citizen population aged 65 and above continued to grow while the proportion of citizens aged 20 to 64 decreased from 65.1% to 61.9%. And that’s not all, the report also showed that the pace of ageing is faster compared with the last decade, predicting a decrease in the “younger population” to about 56% in 2030.  

In order to combat this, the Singapore government has long been using immigration to keep its population from shrinking over the longer term by converting interested PRs to Singapore citizens. 

So, check your eligibility for becoming a Singapore citizen and get started today!

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What Is The Singapore Citizenship Application Process Like?

The process for a Singapore citizenship application is quite lengthy, complicated, and requires more elaborate steps and documents than the Singapore PR application. Plus, the criteria for selecting the right candidates are even more crucial than that of selecting a Singapore PR. And as the application is submitted online via ICA’s e-service, it is vital to submit an error-free, robust, and outstanding application.

Why Should You Engage An Experienced Immigration Agency?

What could be better than having a team of experienced immigration experts with the sole goal of creating the best Singapore citizenship application possible for you? Not only does this free you from the hassle of disrupting your busy lives but, also assures you that all your documentation, forms, additional papers, and submission is done flawlessly as per the ICA’s latest guidelines and policies. 

Moreover, it also helps you avoid the most common pitfalls of applying for Singapore citizenship, which is getting unqualified and incomplete advice from so-called “online experts” and friends or family members. The truth of the matter is that the information they deem accurate and complete is merely 10% of what the entire process involves.


As the saying goes, “If you’re going to do something, do it right”. And what could be more worthy of being done right than your all-important Singapore citizenship application? 

Since there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to citizenship applications, our professionals help you create a customised application that helps you put your best foot forward and highlights all your strengths. Plus, our trustworthy and reliable experts will guide you step-by-step through the entire process and provide practical advice, effective strategies, and workable solutions to any hindrances.

So, let us help you make your dream of becoming a Singapore citizen come true!

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