How Can I Increase My Chances Of Getting A Singapore PR?

This is easily one of those key questions that almost all of our clients have asked us over the years. Where countries like Canada and Australia use a point-based PR system and allocate specific score points for each criteria, making the entire process transparent. Singapore relies on eligibility, PR schemes, and other affecting factors that the ICA may use to assess the application. Hence, making it quite confusing for some.

Also, on paper, the process of getting a Singapore PR seems quite straightforward; just gather the necessary and relevant documents, fill the forms correctly, draft an impressive cover letter and submit within the allocated time frame. But, what many seem to overlook is that merely submitting a basic application isn’t enough.

So what factors exactly help increase the chances of getting a Singapore PR?

Some of the “other factors” that help strengthen your PR application and in turn increase your chances of getting a Singapore PR are:

  1. Job Industry

Singapore actively looks out for skilled foreign talents to supplement the local workforce. As such, if you possess specialised skills and have a stable job in a local or international company, it can help increase your chances. And, we believe that for professionals this is the best time to apply for your Singapore PR.

  1. Economic Contribution

Along with considering your profession, your economic contribution in terms of earning potential and spending power is also imperative. Even though you may qualify through your salary cap, higher salary holders that can significantly contribute, match and help grow the local workforce make for more attractive candidates. Plus, it also helps show your financial stability to support yourself and your spouse and children to live a comfortable life.

  1. Age

With a declining birth rate, fastly growing ageing population and according to the recently released ‘Annual Population in Brief 2021’ report a declining “younger population”, Singapore relies on immigration to keep its population from shrinking over the longer term. Hence, if you are presently in your prime working age, this can strengthen your application and can be a favourable time for you to apply. So, strike while the iron is hot, and feel free to talk to one of our experienced immigration experts.

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  1. Duration Of Stay

The minimum amount of time in which you can apply for Singapore PR is after 6 months under the Professional, Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS). This helps showcase your commitment to making Singapore your home for the long term while also highlighting your understanding and efforts to blend well into the fabric of society.

  1. Qualifications

As a progressive and innovative country, Singapore looks favourably upon those who showcase expertise and vast experience in skill-specific areas. Be it specialised educational qualifications from reputable local or foreign institutions or noteworthy accomplishments and recognition in your workplace.

  1. Family Ties

In a country, where still many multigenerational families live together and frequent family gatherings take place, a strong family circle is generally favoured. So, if you have existing family or relatives that are already Singapore PRs or citizens, it showcases your higher chances and seriousness of setting down your roots in the country.

  1. Social Integration

As a multicultural, multi-racial, multi-religious, and multilingual society, Singapore values harmony and peace amongst all its residents. Hence, it is vital that you blend into the social and racial context of Singapore, and accept its values. And as you wish to make this your permanent home, show your willingness to assimilate to the cultural differences, engage in voluntary activities and community engagement efforts. This helps show an extra effort on your part. So, if you’re wondering how you can take part in such goodwill communal activities, consult our dedicated immigration experts and they’ll help answer all your queries.

  1. Consult An Experienced Immigration Expert

It’s no secret that becoming a Singapore PR is increasingly becoming more difficult. Hence, an experienced immigration expert who has a proven track record and understands the rigorous screening process can make a whole lot of difference. Plus, the PR application process is much more time-consuming and tedious than many think. A trusted expert helps in ensuring that you have all the required documents and accurate forms prepared correctly along with a flawless cover letter to strengthen your application and help you stand out while giving you a competitive edge.


Our experienced immigration experts help identify such relevant merits and alleviate your problems by offering customised solutions unique to you to boost your application profile and increase your chances of getting a Singapore PR!

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