How aware are you of these gimmicks used by other consultancy firms in Singapore?

1. Contacting you after the completion of your package payment regarding your “unsatisfactory” profile, and offering you an additional package to strengthen your profile, effectively charging you twice for your application.

This is one of the many strategies used to increase sales and swindle your hard-earned money.

2. Assuring you with their positive and reputable reviews online.

Not every review on other consultancy firms’ websites is true. Do look through each review properly to understand the process and user experience journey at each firm. Some firms tend to cover up their negative reviews by adding in several fake positive reviews done by their PR team and staff.

While receiving professional help to increase your application chances is important, one should also beware and research the reviews, history, and packaging information carefully before engaging with one.

Why are we sharing these? As firm believers in the establishment of trust and honesty in our relationship with our clients, we do not believe in the usage of such gimmicks. Our company is truly interested to help our clients achieve the best approval chances for their applications. For more information about us and our services, feel free to refer to our previous post on the differences between us and the other consulting firms in Singapore.

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