Singapore PR FAQs

1. Why should I engage Singapore Immigration Experts for my Singapore PR application when I can do it on my own?

Getting a Singapore PR is a much more complex process than what you search for online. Just because you have provided the documents and information that the ICA requested does not mean that you will be granted a PR. In fact, meeting these basic requirements is only the tip of the iceberg. As one of the fastest-growing Singapore based professional consultancy firms, we bring 8 years of experience in immigration consulting and specialise in helping you through the entire Singapore PR application and Citizenship application, from start to finish.

Our first priority and aim is to help you obtain PR status and to put forward the best robust application and get your documentation done in the most appropriate manner.

Obtaining a PR status is not unachievable. With our highly-personalised approach, we create tailor-made PR applications that help maximise your chances of approval. Our dedicated, professional, highly-experienced, and passionate immigration experts ensure that your chance of obtaining a PR will increase by enhancing your profile, highlighting your unique strengths, making your application become more effective and noticeable, and submitting documentation according to the ICA guidelines and policies.

We aim to eliminate your stress, save your time and effort by providing valuable insights, and equipping you with the strongest application.

2. What is the eligibility criteria to apply for Singapore PR?

In order to be eligible, you will need to meet one of the following categories:

  • S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass holders.
  • Spouse of a Singapore citizen or Singapore PR. Unmarried children of a Singapore citizen or Singapore PR. Aged parents of a Singapore citizen.
  • For student Pass holders:
    • resided in Singapore for at least 2 years
    • passed at least 1 national exam (i.e. PSLE or GCE ‘N’/’O’/’A’ levels)

3. What is the approval quota for PR?

While the exact quota is not revealed to the public, about 31,700 people were given Singapore permanent resident status each year over the past five years. Each PR application will still be accessed on its own merits.

4. Why is it getting more difficult to obtain a PR?

Since 2009, the government has tightened its immigration policies to ensure adequate expertise is being maintained across all industries. Those who have shown magnificent effort, commitment, and social contributions to Singapore especially should not feel discouraged.

Talk to our immigration experts now to understand more about the journey of becoming a Singapore PR.

5. How long does the PR application process take?

The PR application results may take at least 6 – 12 months after submitting the mandatory documentation and application forms. You may also view your application status through the e-PR System.

Alternatively, since time is of the essence and wasted time in terms of rejected applications would be highly inconvenient, applicants should work with our experts to understand how to put forward a robust application and save time in their application.

6. What are the benefits of getting a Singapore PR?

Firstly, affordable housing due to the lower stamp duty fee. a PR would be able to buy a HDB flat after three years, supposing the income does not exceed a certain amount. He/she will get to enjoy the freedom of moving in and out of the country without the need for additional visas and passes, immediate family members can also apply for LTVP to stay and work in Singapore with a Letter of Consent (LOC).

Another privilege is job stability. Access to more employment opportunities in Singapore without the hassle of requiring or renewing any work passes.

Financial benefits in the form of the Central Provident Fund (CPF), you can use the Central Provident Fund (CPF) to pay for medical expenses, housing, and investments. The companies that you become work with are required to contribute to your CPF based on a percentage of your salary.

You may arrange an appointment with our consultants to understand more benefits of becoming a Singapore PR.

7. Why did my PR application get rejected when I applied on my own?

Many applicants get their PR applications rejected while trying to apply for Singapore PR on their own. This could be for a myriad of reasons such as incomplete forms, documents, weak profile, unsatisfactory cover letters, etc. For individuals, it may be difficult to pinpoint the reason behind the rejection as ICA does not disclose the exact reasons for failed Permanent Resident applications.

8. Can I appeal if my PR application gets rejected?

Yes, you can appeal for your rejected PR application. However, it is advisable for you to book a consultation with our consultants to access your profile and advise on your appeal process.

If we see that you are eligible and capable of furnishing additional achievements for ICA’s re-consideration, we will assist you to file an appeal within TWO months from the date of rejection.

*Note: ICA has recently revised the appeal period from six months to two months.*

9. I do not want my son to serve National Service, can I leave him out of the PR application?

You may choose to exclude your son from the application. However, it is highly advisable to include your whole family in the application as the government will see them as potential contributors to society and the economy in the future.

Singapore Citizenship FAQs

10. Why should I engage Singapore Immigration Experts for my Singapore Citizenship application?

Becoming a Singapore citizen can be a long and strenuous process that can be confusing if you have no clue what to expect. Singapore Immigration Experts, offer unparalleled expertise, vast experience, and in-depth knowledge ensuring yours is an ideal and strong application that has all the key information that highlights your unique strength and exhibits your best talents. As the criteria for selecting the right candidates is even more crucial, our experts hand-held you through the entire application process and map out your Singapore Citizenship application from start to finish. We help you understand the requirements, procedure, and timeline for applying for Singapore citizenship in a simple, straightforward manner and help make the entire process convenient and stress-free.

11. What is the eligibility criteria to apply for Singapore Citizenship?

To become a Singapore Citizen, one must meet the following criteria:

  • Have been a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) for at least two years and is aged 21 and above.
  • Have been a PR for at least two years and have been married to a Singapore citizen for at least two years.
  • Are an unmarried child aged below 21 born within the context of legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by an SC.
  • Are a PR studying in Singapore; and have been residing in Singapore for more than 3 years (of which, at least one year as a PR)
  • Have passed at least one national exam (i.e. PSLE, GCE ‘N’/‘O’/‘A’ levels), or are in the Integrated Programme (IP).
  • Are a PR and an Aged Parent of a Singapore Citizen.

12. What are the benefits of getting Singapore Citizenship?

Becoming a Singapore Citizen comes with clear advantages and benefits that can range from bigger subsidies to better terms to enjoying exclusive citizen rights and perks such as:

  • Hassle-Free Visa
    Holding a Singapore passport means very few to no travel restrictions around the world.
  • Employment Rewards & Career Flexibility
    Being a Singapore Citizen opens the doors to more job opportunities locally, including Civil Service positions.
  • Healthcare
    As a Singapore Citizen, one gets to avail a larger amount of medical subsidies and discount schemes for healthcare bills.

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