Choosing an Immigration Consultancy Firm to help with your Singapore PR/Citizenship

Choosing an Immigration Consultancy Firm to help with your Singapore PR/Citizenship application may seem like an easy task, but do you know what should you be looking out for?

1. High Pricing

Did you know? The quotation which you have received from the other consultancy firms in Singapore is dependent on your monthly salary. Although other firms may offer quotations at a much lower price, you should also take note of the number and quality of services provided for
you. After all, you want to spend reasonably and receive the best customer service experience and immigration knowledge!

2. Overpromising The Success Rate Such As 100% Guarantee.

Consultancy firms DO NOT possess the power to guarantee the 100% approval of your PR/Citizenship application as the decision is made by the ICA government. The roles of a consultancy firms is to help you enhance your profile, stand out from the competitors and increase your chance of approval.

3. Accepting A Large Number of Clients Monthly, Resulting In The Lack of Customer Service and Prompt Reply.

4. Pressuring Clients to Sign With Them On The Spot.

5. The Surge In Fake, Negative Reviews From Real-Life Clients.

6. Does Not Offer Further Insights/Understanding For Rejected Clients

7. Self-Claim Government Workers.

In light of the above factors, how are we, SIE different from the other Consultancy Firms in Singapore?

1. One-Stop Solutions For Your Immigration Matters

For starters, you can expect the best, full-range of services available from us without going the extra mile from your side. Such services include Translation, Notary services and list of contacts for social organization whom we have exclusive partnerships with.

2. Fair Pricing

Our quotations are given at a fair and reasonable price after the completion of your free profile assessment. You are not required/forced to sign on with us. Additionally, some consultancy firms may offer you various packages at different pricings; which may require you to pay more for additional services such as having a senior specialist to handle your application or having complete guidance on the application process. Here at SIE, we offer all services with the best quality at a one-time price without any add-ons.

3. Detailed Case Evaluation During Consultation

Our professional consultants will do a full profile assessment with an evaluation on the chance of approval. We take in a limited number of cases per month to ensure that our existing clients have the best chance of approval for their desired submission month and will not take in cases that are deemed to have a low chance of approval.

4. Real Life Customer Experience & Reviews Of Our Services.

All reviews available on our Facebook Page, Google Reviews, and website are true to picture and done by our real-life clients. At SIE, we focus on the provision of the best customer service experience for our clients.

5. Accurate and Prompt Response Without Leaving Any Man Behind

Our specialists are committed to providing prompt and accurate responses/information to cater to the enquiries of our clients. We will not ghost our clients and leave them hanging during and after the application process.

6. Case-to-Case Customization

We provide customized documents, checklists, and cover letters for each applicant based on their individual needs, profile, and type of application.

7. Knowledgeable Staff

Our team are knowledgeable and have the expertise in their respective scope of work to help make your application journey a smooth and seamless one.

8. Involvement Process Is CRUCIAL.

Our consultants, specialists, and writers will all be involved throughout the whole process of your application journey. We do not offer a touch-and-go service, as we truly care about the wellbeing of our clients. Your approval is our top priority and motivation.

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