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5 Most-Common Problems PR Applicants Encounter When Applying On Their Own

Long, tedious & complex PR application process

Know-how of creating a high-quality error-free PR application

Lack of knowledge on ICA’s updated policies, criteria & high-reviewing standards

Unfamiliarity with navigating the e-PR Service

Curating & obtaining key additional documents

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Our 3 Step Strategic Process To Strengthen Your Singapore PR Application

1. Expert Consultation

Our highly experienced expert consultants offer specialist advice, profile assessment, and help guide you through the PR application process, from start to finish.

2. Documentation Compilation

To avoid any inaccuracy which may impact your profile, our dedicated experts help you check, gather, and organise supporting and key additional documents to ensure a flawless and complete PR application that helps you stand out from other applicants.

3. Submission

e make certain that all the forms are completed correctly and submitted through the e-PR service making your submission process an efficient and seamless one within the time frame. Our experts also continue to communicate with you post-submission and assist in any and every way.

We’ve handled extensive profiles ofmore than 40 nationalitiesfrom diverse backgrounds! & Specialise in first-time applications and rejected applications.

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